It is believed that the destiny of mankind and there by the Nation is shaped in the classroom. Education therefore has the responsibility of bringing together of the head, the heart and the mind, thereby developing an all around personality.

This is what Mahapragya Public School aims at.

Mahapragya Public School is the vision of his holiness Acharya Mahapragya ji

-its motto being wisdom and spirituality.

Started in June 2005, the school follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus and at present has classes from Playgroup to Std. X 

In today’s world of galloping information it is a constant challenge for any educational institution to keep up with the ever-increasing pace. The children of today have become more demanding. Unfortunately children are judged by the way they perform in tests and examinations. This leads to cramming of information for gaining marks without real understanding of the subject matter.

We at MPS strive to meet the demands of the students without creating a stressful environment. Hence project and activities form an integral part of the curriculum. The teaching learning experiences provided by the school facilitate life – long learning skills in problem solving and self directed learning. Students become capable of working collaboratively, think critically and communicate.

Mrs. Madhuri Chatti
Mahapragya Public School